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Museum Donors & Donations

Individual Donors:

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following members who have donated various items to our Collection and to recognise their assistance in preserving our heritage. You can be assured that your contribution will enhance the existing collection and will perpetuate the memory of those who have gone before us. Each item is recorded in the database against the member.

8/9 RAR

9 RAR  Assoc. NSW

9 RAR Assoc. Qld

Allan, Laura

Atkinson, Peter

Aylward, Peter

Birrell, Harry

Black, Mal

Blazely, Des

Bowthorpe, Jeff

Brown, Noel

Bruce, Tex

Burrowes, Col

Chitham, Ted

Cimdins, Klaus

Collins, John

Corrie, Lionel

Cowan, Peter

Davis, Bob

Derges, Peter

Dinneen, Terry

Dobbin, Doug

Duggan, Darcy

Duthie, Ken

Eaton, Tom

Essex-Clark, John

Fairgrieve, Alan

Farmer, Dennis

Featherby, Warren

Fogarty, Terry

Gallagher, Paul

Gow, Don

Griffiths, Graham

Grills, Kev

Hargreaves, Ernie

Hoebee, Bert

Joel, Frank

Johns, Russell

Johnson, Clive

Kennedy, Bill

Kennedy, Lynn

Kunde, Allen

Lancaster, Dick

Langford, R & T

Manson, Owen

McDonald, Dave

McKelvie, Rocky

McLeod, Ray

Meilland, Jeff

Michell, Graham

Millett, Peter

Moore, Kev

Morgan, Benny

Mounthaan, John

Muir, Jim

Murdoch, Trevor

Newman, Ray

Nummy, Peter

Orreal, Lyle

Peasey, Bill

Penman, Dan

Philip, Eric


Prince, John

Rixon, Greg

Rodgers, Ian

Sanders, Ian

Sharratt, Vicki

Shave, Michael

Sheppard, Bob

Slater, Rod

Stacey, David

Stalder, Barry

Stalder, Dawn

Stead, Alan

Stephenson, Ivan

Sth Vietnamese Community

Sutherland, Bruce

Towie, Ray


Van de Heiden, Ray

Vickery, Brian

Wilde, Richard

Willmann, Glenn

Woods, Brian

Yule, Tony

Do You Have Items to Donate:

If you have an item or many items please ring or email me and we can discuss how we can get them to us here in Brisbane.
Dan Webmaster>> OR Telephone 0409 067 646

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Donations of Memorabilia:

The current policy is that individual items donated by members of the Association, their families or their friends will become the property of The 9 RAR Association unless otherwise stated by the donor. 
All donations will be recorded in a database and the donor member listed on the Donors and Donations' page.

Donations of Original Medals:

The current policy for donating or bequeathing member's original medals to the 9 RAR Museum Collection is as follows.

Our position with regard to both the 9th Battalion Museum and 9 RAR Museum Collection is that the original medal sets should always stay within the family and should be handed down to a family member when the member dies.  Our view also is that medal sets should not be split up.
HOWEVER, where there is no family or the family has no interest in the medals then we suggest to the family that they donate the medals to an appropriate Museum or Historical Organisation. In the case of the 9th Battalion Museum and the 9 RAR Museum Collection, we will accept any medals from members of any of the Ninth Battalions (9th Battalion AIF, 2/9th Battalion AIF, 9th Moreton Regiment, 9 RAR, 9 RQR, and 8/9 RAR). The medals will be truly honoured.

When we receive the original medals we obtain a photo and some history and put them in a frame in the Honour Room or 9 RAR Room.  In some cases, we have had replicas made or donated and these are put up in honour of the person.

When a 9 RAR member has indicated they would like to donate their medals to the 9 RAR Museum Collection at a later date, we have advised them that they should put an instruction in their will to that effect.

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