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The 9 RAR Museum Collection


9 RAR Association is collecting various historical items and memorabilia pertaining to the Battalion and its members with the aim of ensuring our history and legacy is preserved   for future generations.  The Museum Collection will cover:

  • the Battalion’s activities both in Australia (Woodside & Enoggera) and in Vietnam,
  • the personal side of life of our members at that time,
  • any general army items that relate to that era,
  • any associated items that are deemed to be of historical importance.

and will supplement the history of the Battalion as depicted in the two Battalion Books.

We have all heard tales of some families throwing away medals and general memorabilia, of items being left in the shed and being destroyed by vermin, or of photographs or slides being left in a hot environment and becoming faded or ruined.  We would like to recover and preserve as many of these items as possible.

The Collection will be administered by the 9 RAR Association (Qld) Branch.


The 9 RAR Museum Collection resides within the 9th Battalions War Memorial Museum which is managed overall by the 9th Battalions Association Inc.   The official title for the controlling body is "The 9th Battalions War Memorial Museum Collection and Property Trust".    9 RAR Association Qld is affiliated with the 9th Battalions Association Inc.

This 9th Battalions Museum is currently located in a building (E80) within the Hertiage Precinct, Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera, Brisbane.

The 9 RAR Museum Collection is displayed in one of the rooms of this building.


9th Battalions Museum

The main aims of the Ninth Battalions Museum are:-
*  to preserve and maintain the objects and artifacts of those members of all Infantry Units with the numeral “9” in its title,
*  to maintain historical links with ex-members of those units with regard to comradeship,
*  to educate future generations regarding the deeds of their fore-fathers so they are not forgotten.


The 9th Battalions Museum at Enoggera has a broad collection of items of military interest that covers the period from the late 1870’s until the present time.   As per the Association's Aims, it has items from the 9th Battalion AIF,  2/9th Battalion AIF, 9th Battalion Moreton, 9 RQR, 9 RAR and 8/9 RAR.

They currently have over 4000 items in their collection.    The curator is Mal Black (ex 8 RAR).

The Museum is generally open on the first Tuesday of the Month between 9.00am and 12.00 noon or by appointment. 


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